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Zina's story


Why did you want to reset?

I have struggled with my weight my whole life, struggled with what I ate, binge eating and emotional eating. I was really worried about lockdown and how that would affect my eating habits however Reset Health gave me control during lockdown, I took control of what I was eating and when I was eating and felt the difference instantly. I could have easily gone the other way.


What was it like?

The first 3 days were tough. I was worried about maintaining a social life when I was only able to eat one meal but now I have learned to adapt. I did have headaches at the beginning and felt a bit weak then all of a sudden I felt really strong, healthy and happy. 

When I was on holiday in France there were fresh pastries everywhere, I was able to treat myself from time to time and then the following day I would do a 24 hour fast. It’s creating the balance so you can regulate your diet and feel healthy and take control.


What was harder than you expected?

It was actually much easier than I expected. I was eased into it with a 16/8 fast which meant my appetite shrunk and I didn’t feel as hungry. I learnt how to gain control over my eating habits and when I did my first 24 hour fast it was much more natural because I had eased myself in. When I started seeing myself lose weight I instantly didn’t want to go back to my old habits of eating loads of meals a day.  Once you see the results you want to maintain it.

I did find maintaining a social life hard at first, feeling like you’re the boring one but after two weeks or so I learnt to adapt and can go out with friends without the worry of wanting to eat sugary, unhealthy foods, I don’t crave these foods anymore.


What was easier than you expected?

I used to eat constantly throughout the day but the 16/8 fast helped me control that. I never had a plan, so when you actually have a plan and scheduled eating, it really helps. I noticed it was all in my head, a mental game. Once I began to feel healthier and happier I was convinced this is the lifestyle I want.  Instead of craving sugary, unhealthy foods throughout the day, I now love having one meal a day.


What did you achieve with Reset?

Weight loss and control are huge achievements for me. As someone who yoyo’d their whole life and dealt with a lack of control, being an emotional and binge eater, I know food doesn’t control me anymore. I can eat when I need to eat and have that control which was the most important factor for me.

Once I started the 24 hour fast, the weight just dropped off. In the beginning I was 75.8kilos and now I am 65.7.  I no longer eat late at night or stay up really late, it’s not part of my lifestyle anymore, Reset Health has completely changed my lifestyle and relationship with food. I used to eat out of boredom a lot and now I don’t.


How do you feel now? 

I feel great now. When I'm on holiday I don’t feel like I always have to adhere to the rules as I now have the control where I can adapt and fast the next day. I actually get excited when I go back to my one meal a day after I have maybe had a treat the day before, it is not a punishment, it’s a lifestyle I now crave. Mentally too, I feel lighter, stronger and more connected. I feel incredible.


What's the biggest difference that Reset Health has made for you?

My weight and my mindset are the biggest differences. I now get to wear my clothes and not feel insecure. I no longer feel the need to hide my body and feel really confident. That achievement of having lost 10 kilos in 5 months is incredible. I worked really hard and I want to keep working hard, it is a lifestyle I want to keep and maintain.


What advice do you have for people thinking about joining Reset Health?

Do it! It will change your life. 

I am such an advocate for Reset Health. I have become that annoying person who talks about all the health benefits and how amazing I feel. I now look back at the food I once ate and it doesn’t appeal to me at all anymore, I look at it and see how harmful it is. Now that i’m more aware of what I'm eating I am in so much more control of what goes into my body, it really is incredible.

I would also like to add how kind and supportive my doctor has been throughout every step of my journey.

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