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Why did you want to reset?

I have been a dieter all my life. I was also prediabetic prior to joining Reset Health. Ever since I can remember, I've been conscious of my weight. Throughout my adult life I have tried countless diets, ranging from all you can eat salami, all you can eat eggs to the Keto diet. I tried diets which avoided meat but allowed carbs, then a new fad diet would come out and tell me that was wrong; everything kept flip flopping around what I could eat and what I couldn’t. I lost lots of weight on the Scarsdale diet which involved counting calories. but it was impossible to keep it off. With some of these diets I would have to weigh my food. I remember weighing a cube of cheese and taking it to work as a snack. I've never felt so deprived!


What was harder than you expected?

The first 2 weeks were the hardest.  I have always eaten three meals a day and going to time restricted and intermittent fasting was such a change. However, once I got past the second week, my body and mind adjusted to the process. 

Our social lives are often focused around meals, so when friends would ask to meet for lunch I would struggle at first and have to suggest meeting around the times I was fasting. Now, I don’t need to do that, I can meet up with friends for any meal and still keep the weight off that I have lost by fasting whenever I need to.


What was easier than you expected?

I found not having to weigh my food and count my calories made the Reset programme so much easier than I expected. In the beginning, whenever I felt hungry, I would drink tea and water which really helped curb my hunger. Also, keeping busy kept my mind off feeling hungry.


What did you achieve with Reset?

My achievements are vast. Aside from my weight loss and sustaining this weight loss, my blood tests show how my health has improved. My HbA1c went from being over 6, dropped to 5.6 and now stands at 5.3, and my LDL and glucose also dropped to healthy levels.

I believe one of the hardest things for women like me is the fat on our backs and torso, especially as we age. I have never had success losing weight and keeping it off around these particular areas until I started Reset. Fifteen years ago I bought two Italian blouses which I haven’t been able to wear ever for the longest time. Now that I have lost weight around my back and inches around my waist I can finally wear these lovely Italian blouses and feel good about myself.


How has it changed your health?

I have more energy, I feel sharper and more alert. Reset has allowed me to feel better about myself. I feel more confident, since people comment on how much I have changed.


Did it change anything else in your life?

Reset helped me be conscious of what I choose to eat but without calorie counting, which is a big lifestyle improvement for me.

For me, the biggest hurdle was psychological . If I allowed my brain to tell me I was starving, I would feel deprived. But I wasn’t starving - there was plenty of stored sugar in my body that could easily power me through the day. This has really changed my thinking going forward.


How do you feel now? 

I feel way younger than my 67 years. I’m fitter, more agile and feel good about myself. This is the way I'm living my life now and I’m not turning back.


What's the biggest difference that Reset Health has made for you?

I enjoy my new sense of achievement and accomplishment. I haven’t just lost weight, I have kept it off. I am now able to enjoy going out for lunch or dinner with friends and eating what they eat, instead of counting my calories and avoiding certain foods.


What advice do you have for people thinking about joining Reset Health?

It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning, so I would say to people, just hang in there for the first 2 weeks, I promise you won’t look back! Now that I have reset I feel great going into older age healthier and fitter -  why wouldn’t you want to do that?

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