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Blanca's story


Why did you want to join Reset Health?

From around 6 years old I was aware of my father’s diabetes and would see him injecting himself with insulin daily. As I got older I was aware of my sugar levels rising but I never took it seriously. I wasn’t aware of the path I was going down. When I was told I had type 2 diabetes I immediately remembered my father and the image of him injecting himself with insulin. I thought that was now going to be my life and I was terrified to go down that path. That’s when I realised I needed to take it seriously. I heard about Reset Health and how they can reverse type 2 diabetes but I honestly didn’t believe it but I decided to try it anyway. Five months ago I got the news that I am no longer diabetic.


Was it harder than you expected?

At the beginning I struggled with fasting, especially when I had been fasting for more than 12 hours. That’s when I started to feel the hunger the most. I began drinking hot herbal tea and had a great big tea pot which wouldn’t leave my sight. Hot drinks and lots of water really helped curb my hunger, I would drink at least 6 cups of tea a day. Once I got into the pattern, I started to feel the benefits really quickly which made me want to continue. I would feel much more energetic, brighter in the morning and feel well in every way.


How has it changed your health?

I grew up on the west coast of Mexico, very close to the sea. It was beautiful. Because of the 45 degrees heat we would tend to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and salad. I now live in Mexico City and the weather is vastly different, it rains for about 5 months out of the year and is a lot cooler. The cool weather means people tend to eat a lot of carbohydrates, especially because vegetables in Mexico City are very expensive. My eating habits started to change.

Corn is the key ingredient in most Mexican food. I would eat corn in every meal, at least 3 times a day along with a lot of pasta and bread. My doctor advised me that eating huge quantities of corn is unhealthy for me. I didn’t realise corn contained a lot of carbohydrates and calories. I would say Reset Health changed my relationship with food, but actually it changed my relationship with corn!


How do you feel now?

I feel so much healthier and more energetic. Since I have lost weight I have gained a lot more confidence. When I was 10 kilos heavier than I am now I would never wear fitted clothes, only baggy, loose fitting clothes. My trousers especially were always baggy. Now, I can wear nice fitted jeans and feel much more confident and comfortable.

I feel great now. I am no longer diabetic. I now train regularly which is something I never did before.


What's the biggest difference that Reset Health has made for you?

I used to really enjoy horse riding, I grew up with horses from a very young age. However when I was overweight I found it extremely difficult to get on and off the horse as I was very stiff and would be in a lot of pain which forced me to stop riding for several years. Now my suppleness has improved significantly and I have started riding again. I recently got a new horse called Trabuco which means “very strong” and he is wonderful. I ride Trabuco through the woods near Mexico City, with my daughter in law and sons and can now ride for 2-3 hours a day once again.

I also love skiing, it’s one of my favourite sports. When I was overweight and not exercising it was very hard for me to ski. Last Christmas I had lost about 8 kilos and had been exercising regularly for 3 months so I thought I would join my children on a skiing holiday. The weight loss made such a huge difference for me. It was the most rewarding experience that I’ve had. I’m looking forward to going this year.

My husband and I just bought a Westie puppy called Carin. She’s only 4 months old and is so funny and intelligent. I love being able to take her on long walks without feeling exhausted, it’s wonderful. Being able to do all the things I love and feel great is amazing.


What advice do you have for people thinking about joining Reset Health?

People should definitely try this. I believe a lot of people don’t understand the benefits of fasting and are afraid of it, they shouldn’t be afraid. The support I got from my doctor throughout the programme was so imperative to my success. Reset Health not only helped me physically but also mentally. I have completely changed my relationship with food, I’m now very aware of what is good for me and what I should avoid and even what I can eat in moderation. I have improved my health for life, not just for now.  You have to have hope and believe the treatment will work, because it does.

One thing I’ve noticed is the number of fasting apps which are available. This is something I would be careful of because being left to your own devices is hard, I wouldn’t have done it without my doctor’s support. Reset Health is led by specialist doctors and nurses who know what they’re doing. That is really important.


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