A better way to manage diabetes

Dr. Dipesh Patel

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‏‏‎I am a consultant Physician and specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology in London. My interest is cardiovascular disease mechanisms and prevention in type 2 diabetes. I have seen devastating complications arising from diabetes and obesity which are life changing to both individuals and families. The increasing number of cases of type 2 diabetes and obesity are a public health concern, and a family trauma.  And for people with diabetes, I have been seeing really severe Covid-19 illness. 

I’m driven to change this urgently.

In the past, diabetes management has focused on the control of blood sugar to prevent the complications that affect small blood vessels, and which lead to eye damage, kidney damage and foot ulceration. 

The number of medications required for blood glucose control increases with time as the insulin producing function of the pancreas slows down. Type 2 diabetes has been a progressive disease with the risks of developing complications increasing the longer you have the condition. My research investigated cellular cholesterol removal and showed differences in people with Type 2 diabetes. We know that the risk of developing heart disease in people with Type 2 diabetes is doubled.  

Reversal of diabetes was demonstrated in a clinical trial for the first time in the UK with use of a very low calorie diet in the DIRECT study. These results are a gamechanger. The results have challenged the paradigm of how people should manage their Type 2 diabetes.

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Reset Health is unique

Reset Health’s scientific and medical advisory board consists of leading diabetes specialists who manage all the aspects of metabolic health.  I’m so excited to be part of this team because people with Type 2 diabetes need a holistic supportive medical protocol to make major metabolic improvements. 

With Reset Health people will reverse the process of type 2 diabetes. Each member will be supported to achieve their individual goals by a handpicked clinical team. Support from coaches and mentors will augment this, along with oversight by a specialist psychologist. And I’m enthusiastic to add in our incentive platform to help people recognise what people achieve on their Reset journeys. 

NHS Diabetes and community weight loss services are not always well connected with GP surgeries. Reset Health is registered with NHS digital and our systems allow us to share medical information easily and confidentially with each member’s primary practitioner.

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