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Dr. Adrian Brown

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As a Senior Specialist Dietitian, my work in NHS and academia has given me the opportunity to work with thousands of people living with obesity and type 2 diabetes and to  truly understand how obesity metabolic conditions impact people’s daily lives. It is crucial to understand that the answer is not simply to eat less and exercise more.  To lose weight we need to understand what else is impacting your body weight. When people lose weight, there is a biological drive for your body to regain that weight. In fact, evidence shows that following weight loss, the hormones that control hunger actually increase and those that make you feel full decrease, and so these hormones push you to regain weight. This is not a lack of willpower, this is simply biology. 

One of the major challenges for us all is the variety of foods available everywhere we look. And with the stresses of daily life it's tough to make good food decisions. This gets even more confusing with the existing international dietary guidelines for diabetes management which focus on individual nutrients such as saturated fat, rather than focussing on the food we actually eat. And how do you know what makes sense for your metabolism rather than mine - we are not the same!  Fasting is a powerful tool and is an effective therapeutic strategy for metabolic disease and weight loss. Fasting is absolutely not a diet. Actually fasting is a meal timing plan, so instead of focusing on what you eat, you focus on when you eat and when you don’t.

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Individualised plan

Fasting removes the complexity of food choice. It is simple and easy to understand, but you have to do it right to ensure that you get the metabolic benefits of fasting. With Reset Health, we will make sure you are fully prepared and get the most out of your time fasting. Whether this is your first attempt at fasting or you have done it before, we are here to help. Within Reset we will cover different fasting protocols and ensure that we choose the right one, or combination, for your individual needs.

There is no one size fits all. We will find you an eating pattern you can adhere to - not just in the short term but for the rest of your life. The Reset Health team have the skills, knowledge and passion to make sure you succeed. I look forward to introducing you to the cutting-edge approach to resetting your metabolic health.

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